Wednesday, September 23, 2009

first blog

Just getting acquainted with this blogging business!! This this the first blog. Just short and sweet. Sofie is having an awesome day. First day back to school with her new schedule! She goes to school at 10:30, goes to 4th, lunch, 5th, and 6th. Core classes are online so the only classes she takes at school are spanish 4, psych and art. Perfect! Still waiting to find out when she checks into Primary Childrens. But for now, really enjoying life as normal!! Well, you know, kinda normal..... Sofie hates exclamation points so I'll try not to use too many, yeah?


  1. Hi Sweetie: Wow...I am learning something new. I can now blog. Just sending my love for now. Grandma Narda

  2. I love you Sofie were all there for you

    your bro,
    Lil cholo (Syd)