Thursday, September 24, 2009

First news from chemo doctor at Primary Childrens

Its 11:10 am on Thursday.... finally got the call from Sofie's chemo doctor. Her name is Dr. Wright. The reason why its taking time for them to get back with us is that they still need to schedule another MRI (the first one was just of her knee) so they can see her entire tibia. Then she has to get a bone scan to make sure there is no more cancer in any other of her bones. They can't conjecture on her chance of cure until they have that information... I guess that was a little blow as we didn't realize they needed even more information to give us a definitive prognosis. They will set up those procedures with radiology in Primary's looks like the beginning of next week. We will have an exact date tomorrow. Sofie decided not to go to school today. I huess there s a lot of illness going on that she cant be exposed to so she is working online today. Thanks for your love and prayers. Bonnie


  1. I know the waiting is difficult, but worth it to get the treatment right. Thanks for the update! love love love to you!

  2. I have a feeling there will be a lot of UPS and DOWNS throughout this whole process. Let's celebrate the UPS!! And make jokes out of the DOWNS!! cuz they're stupid.

  3. Thanks for the news. We are still praying daily for good outcomes all around, and sending loving thoughts your way.