Friday, May 7, 2010

Last chemo drip

Chemo ended at 12:37 am. Im pretty sure I'll regret for the rest of my life that I left the hospital at 11pm. This was written to me today by Sofie's nurse who was there at that moment, Jami John Newman:
As I took down the last bag of chemo, she started sobbing. When I asked her if they were tears of joy, she nodded yes. "I did it. I beat cancer," she said. "Cancer wanted me to die but I beat it." Then she thanked me for taking care of her from the very beginning. Tears, I tell you... tears. Thank-you for sharing your amazing daughter with me.
Talking just a little with Sofie about it this morning, (it's 4:30pm now and she's been asleep all day) she described the experience as an almost supernatural feeling, like a type of joy she'd had never felt. (Tricia- am nurse, told me that intense tears lasted almost an hour last night) Then Sof said.... "and I know I will experience many more times like that again." I'm really glad she knows that because rehabilitating her leg will be the next challenge. Having gone through so much chemo though, I think it is a challenge she would take over chemo any day. Her PT said, there will be days that will be dark and despairing, when she will miss the old leg, the old life, and all of her old abilities. But the triumphs in re-teaching her new leg will be super ripe with joy. I think that's the type of joy Sofie experienced last night... while her mom slept.


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  1. This blog makes me cry... (happy cries, sad cries, I love you and am so proud of you cries...) just about every entry. SOFIE! You did it! You beat cancer! I love you so so much... (and I wish I'd made it in to see you today, dangit!)