Monday, May 31, 2010

A Message From Duvall Performing Arts

This past weekend we had the privledge to finally introduce our dancers to Sofie! Our students have been working hard all year to put on our end of the year production called "I Hope You Dance" for Sofie. Thoughout the year they heard about Sofie through pictures and messages and this weekend they finally got to meet her. She came into the studio on Thursday night, and the all the little dancers acted as if they had seen a movie star. They all surrounded her with hugs and looked up to her with such a sparkle in their eyes. It was so amazing to see all of the people who attended this production. Bonnie, Sofie, Sydnie, & Hallie all drove out on Thursday and Daddy G and his brother Jason came out on Saturday to see the show.

The performance told the story of Sofie's journey over the past year and also showed different paths Sofie could follow in the future such as performing on Broadway, being a judge on So You Think You Can Dance, or becoming a choreographer. In the final scene, Sofie got to go up on stage! All of our students came out and we performed our finalle to the Leann Womack song, "I Hope You Dance". There was not a dry eye in the room...including Sofie's. (we even had some of our little dancers crying) After the show, audience members came up to Sofie and told stories of family members, friends, etc who had also fought a battle with cancer. The little dancers even came up and got autographs from Sofie. It was so amazing to watch.

We want Sofie to know that no matter what, she will forever be in our hearts as we dance at Duvall Performing Arts. We cannot thank her enough for the impact she has put on our community. She has taught all of us to have faith, be postive and to never give up on anything. Our students have learned so much from her and have seen how Sofie has not let this bump in the road keep her from being the person she wants to be.

Thank you Sofie for changing so many of our students and so many other peoples lives by just being who you are. You are always welcome in our community and studio. We love you.

Megan Maxwell & Duvall Performing Arts

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  1. The entire program was an emotionally moving and a surprisingly professional production. Thanks to Mrs Rachel and Miss Megan especially for your exceptional writing and choreography.

    God blesses and inspires us through Sofie as we witness her straightforward courage.

    Everyone there was privileged to experience that marvelous performance.