Thursday, May 6, 2010

Last Treatment!!

We are in Pod D on the ISC unit, room 4423. I want to remember that because its my favorite pod and its actaully on ICS instead of the 3rd floor, overflow. Its cold and gray outside. Sofie is in good spirits today. Lots of joking around and laughter. She has been the sickest Ive seen her the last couple of days. Lots of secondary infections and side effects going on, on top of leg pain and loud ringing in her ears. She received a blessing from her Grandpa Turner yesterday after exclaiming she was fed up. So she is going out with a bang. She's now being treated for a secondary infection through her IV. (Random sidenote: She now has an enormous labradoodle (75 lbs) on her bed with her...) On her 2 day break, when she was her sickest, she refused to stay in bed. Unlike me, who would prefer to be sick in bed, Sofie prefers to be sick at the mall. So we headed out, did a little prom shopping, got lunch and headed to Dillards for a Lancome facial and makeover. It turned out to be the funnest (not a word, I know) day EVER. We ended the day at the movies and made it back to my folks home by 10 pm. We are hoping for a less intense treatment this time. For some odd reason, the pattern has been that the first 5 day treatment is the worst and the 2nd is considerably better. We will be driving home on Mothers Day! We expect Sofie to be sick for awhile before she starts feeling better, but the meds will continue to help.


PS Im going to continue her blog. Its become a journal of sorts and a record she wants to be able to pass down her her children someday. We will be chronicling her rehab on the leg and other progression she makes as she begins her recovery.
PSS Also, stay tuned.... Sofie is actually going to write on this blog HERSELF, very soon!

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