Thursday, January 7, 2010

FIRST STEPS! January 7 2010

Sofie had her first REAL physical therapy.... meaning she did more than stand-up and sit down in a wheel chair to go to the bathroom!! She stood up with her leg down and took her first steps with the use of a walker, BUT, she did it solely by herself and practically took off down the hall with the entire ICS staff cheering!!

It was so exciting. Sofie's PT reminded her that she would still have to turn around and go back so dont go TOO far in one direction!! This was thrilling for Sofie. She had much fear in just letting her leg drop down to a vertical position. Said it felt like her leg was going to drop off.

We loved her physical therapist. First she encouraged Sofie to begin eating her top ramen by herself!! Just kidding. But she caught me feeding Sofie and gave us a hard time over it. By tonight, Sofie will be drugged up and make it difficult for physical therapy to take place. Hopefully they will put in an order for Sofie to get PT in Jackson when we get home. We'll have 2 weeks off starting about next Tuesday.


  1. HOORAY! That is SO exciting! Hope to come see you before you take off!:)

  2. This sounds so wonderful and encouraging.