Tuesday, January 26, 2010

January 27th Leaving town again

Sofie and I leave Wednesday the 27th to enter the hospital on the 28th. She begins with an echocardiogram to determine if her heart functioning went down due to chemo meds or post surgery stress. Hoping for the later. This time we are taking Sydnie with us. Syd needed the opportunity to see exactly what the day in and day out of hospital life is like. She is under the impression that Sofie leads the charmed life of not having to go to school, not having a bed time, and getting lots of stuff. This will also take care of the problem of having to say good-bye to her, an event that always has a lot of emotional fall out. As for Hallie, she will get to go with us next time to have her own first hand experience too. We are excited for the road trip tomorrow because friend, Jason Celaya, got all of us tickets to his hip hop and contemporary dance performance at the Covey Center in Provo the night before chemo starts. Daddy G and Joe get to go too. Sofie is really excited.

This round of chemo goes til the 15th of Feb. We have a couple of 2 day breaks in between but we're not sure how we will spend that time. Before her surgery, we were able to quickly fly home on those small breaks but her cast prohibits flight right now.

Jeff and Hallie are going to Monterey, California tomorrow through Sunday so they will have a fun little break too!

More hospital blogging to come. Roughly about 24 hours before she re-enters the hospital, Sof begins to get nauseous just anticipating the chemo drugs again. The thought makes her want to "ralph". Not fun, but she takes it in stride.


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