Monday, January 11, 2010

sofie not feeling so great

our little sofie is still recovering from the last round of chemo, feeling the relentlessly lingering and nauseating effects of cisplatin. the antiemetics she takes home from the hospital seem a bit less potent and thus less effective somehow than those administered at the hospital. and since she left the hospital early due to possible permanent removal of doxorubicin from her regimen, ironically she has to endure more directly the full force of nausea. why can't she just feel better, sweet girl. she is fighting the good fight, but this chemo stuff is so hard. with all of the great news of late, she/we are still in deep need of your prayers and faith. relentless nausea can just wear you out, and though i don't want to speak for her, i can't help but hope her spirits might be bolstered from your continued prayers.

thanks all.


1 comment:

  1. Sending Prayers Heaven Express, same day air!! We love you Sofie hang in there!