Thursday, January 7, 2010

Results of Testing

Sof sustained more hearing loss, but not enough to warrant suspension of today's next round of cisplatin. Her echocardiogram, however, indicated a sub-normal number which read too much stress on her heart caused by her last doxyrubison treatment. Surprisingly, it is the doxyrubison treatment that will have to be suspended for now. This means she will only receive cisplatin for this treatment. She will be given another echocardiogram in 2 weeks to see if her heart has recovered to a point where she can resume former treatments that have been so effective at killing the cancer.

Up to this point, Sofie has been participating in research which means that her case study becomes part of a national database for osteo sarcoma research. Today we were presented with the option to continue the current regimen and research plan and also commit her to a year of self given shots thereafter. It's an experimental med called interferon that, much like the chemo, causes flu-like symptoms. Doc says most patients choose to finish with the standardized treatment at this point and not continue with the interferon. Once you sign up for randomized treatment and are chosen, the government says what hoops you jump through and when. That doesn't sound desirable, nor do the shots, and since the surgery shows her treatment has been super effective, we have opted out of interferon.

Prayer is power, and God is so good. Sof is in good spirits, albiet she is to the point where she gets frustrated having to train her nurses what to do! Sofie is learning and growing everyday. Can't replicate the learning experience of cancer, even though I wouldn't recommend it!!! It is our journey.


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