Wednesday, January 13, 2010

January 13, 2010

We have received tangible and spiritual gifts from people and continue to receive them. It is so humbling to receive the love, support and help of others. You make me want to be a better person, a giver and a server. You are in our constant thoughts and prayers of gratitude. Some of you I know and love. Others I have never met. Some I knew so long ago and have recently made reconnections with. Sometimes a gift is a smile and warmth of soul. So often it is just the look on your face as we talk. Others of you, it is a simple touch and nothing more is needed. Total strangers to us have bolstered Sofie's wellness fund making it possible and even desirable to open her medical bills and begin sorting through the finances of cancer. Many have and continue to spend countless hours with Sofie in the hospital partaking of her spirit and lending your own. Some of you are medical professionals who have gone the extra mile to bond spirit to spirit with Sofie and our family. Some of you are church members who continue to bring dinner into our home each week providing me with the opportunity to hunker down with my kids instead of shopping and choring in my kitchen. Some of you are children who cant stop thinking and wondering about Sofie, writing her letters, collecting pennies and selling hot chocolate. Some of you are my children's teachers both at school and dance who have been constantly mindful of my little ones and watch over them in my absence. You are also the parents of my music students, never losing touch, always anxious for a report or good news about Sofies treatment. One of you ran a marathon for Sofie! What an inspiration you all are. Might I add that it has been Sofie's friends from school, dance and other places that have staggered our imagination of what the youth bring to the table in times of crisis. Where do these kids come from? We love you, are indebted to you and hope to continue to serve you throughout our associations. Good people, good community, lots of faith and all is well.


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