Saturday, January 16, 2010

I LOVE YOU by Sydnie Wilcox (Sofie's 10 yr old sis)

I squeezed a couple of drops of hand sanitizer onto my hands as I walked into the room. Sofie looked helpless, as she lay there asleep. Her legs were restless because of the pills she had to take. I rubbed her legs so they would relax. As I stared at her I slowly smiled. "I love you," I thought to myself. "Hi Sofie, " I said as I reverently grabbed her hand. As I stared at her, I started tearing up. I started crying and my friend snatched me into a big bear hug. Her tears slowly rolled down my back. We left my sister to sleep and left the room.

We wiped our eyes and went for a walk. Grabbing a cup, we filled our glasses with ice water. As we started sipping our water, we saw a cute little girl and started talking to her. She was only two years old but she looked like an infant. "Why are you guys here?" her Mom questioned. "My sister has cancer," I explained sadly. "I'm so sorry," she exclaimed. "We're going to get through this together," my friend Brynlin promised.

We said our good-byes and left. Then we saw an adorable little black boy with a cast going down his arm. We found out he got his thumb slammed in the door and had to get his thumb cut off! That's when I fully realized that this experience was a reality. I never knew that life could be so hard. Brynlin and I forced ourselves to walk back to the crowded hospital room where Sofie's legs twitched and pain shot through her body. I squeezed a couple of drops of hand sanitizer onto my hands as I walked into the room. "I love you, Sofie."

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  1. Oh Syndie! That was beautiful! You are an amazing writer...I hope you are keeping a journal! I love you and pray for your family continually! Did you know that you and Hallie are going to come to Utah for Spring break?! We are going to plan some fun activities!
    Love, Aunt Jessie