Friday, February 5, 2010

Audiogram, Feb 5

This afternoon Sof had her hearing checked to see if the last cisplatin treatment decreased her hearing. The result was that she did sustain more damage which put her at the borderline of needing hearing aides. The conclusion that her oncologist came to was to suspend Sof's next cisplatin treatment and just administer the dox. The audiologist initiated a conversation with Sofie which entailed showing her an array of the lastest hearing aides. We were a little caught off guard to say the least and werent to thrilled to have that conversation especially before we'd had the chance to speak with her oncologist. We were feeling derailed at that moment and emotions were right on edge. Our question was " do they just keep administering cisplatin until the damage is done and then suspend?" I guess I had assumed they would abort the treatment before it got to that point. We received 2 reports, one from the audiologist and one from the oncologist, the former saying the damage was permanent and the latter saying, it could come back a little with the suspension of the cisplat. We'll see when see in retested in 3 weeks.

So that is currently what we know on the hearing. On a better note, Suzy Malone and Lili Hall came to visit (Sofie's AMAZING cousins and gooooood medicine!) We figured out Sofies dates with her chemo schedule and if she stays on time, her last day in the hospital for cancer treatment will be May 10th. Then around the 20th, she will have her last chest and bone scan for awhile and go into surgery to take her port out. It seems as though there is an end in sight. I think todays news has sent Sofie into a deep sleep.

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