Monday, February 1, 2010

February 1 2010

We have been discharged but are waiting for the surgeon to come fix the bottom of Sof's cast which rubs and causes pain. Currently, Sofie, Hallie, Grandpa Turner and I are watching Alladin in the hospital room, just waiting. We have to check back in Thursday so it's not worth it to drive home today and impossible to fly home because of the cast. Im sure we will go to my parents. Good news is that it looks like we wont have to do the 3rd treatment of this round here at PCMC. St Johns has got orders from Primaries to be able to do it in Jackson. So instead of ariving back in Jackson on the 15th, we should be back on the 9th and have 3 weeks at home (4 days of which will be inpatient at St John's. It will give Sof's friends in jackson a chance to be more part of her treatment locally. We're expecting some awesome visits!!

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  1. Hi there. We have been following Sofie's progress on this blog and appreciate all the updates. (My name is Brooklyn, and my husband Matt is a friend of Geoff's.) We run a marathon, half-marathon or 5K every year to raise funds for cancer research and education, and are doing so this year in honor of Sofie (per Geoff's consent). For anyone who would like to form a team, join our team or support the cause to honor Sofie, see our website at