Friday, February 26, 2010

February 26th

Long time no blog. But alas, I am home alone. Jeff, Syd, and Hallie left for hawaii this morning. Sofie and I just had a nice dinner with the Ellingson's and Sofie is spending the rest of the evening at Damon's. Our break has been a good one with the exception of the last fews days. Sofie got a bad case of thrush, a common side effect of chemo, which caused her the "worst sore throat of her life". We are also going through the vicissitudes of emotional upheaval related to realities of life with cancer. It's crazy how Sof manages her emotional world so well and then boom, it hits out of nowhere and she's in a funk that feels paralyzing to her. She articulated it as "an emotional pain she cant describe that makes her whole body hurt". Last night was a biggy. It's not necessarily unfamiliar territory anymore, so we realize that a "good cry" is in order and we move through it. I reminded Sofie that it was only temporary and to give herself permission to feel it and move through it. I held her and rocked her until her tears dried up. She called for her Uncle Eric at 1 am for a priesthood blessing and felt immediate relief afterward. Then we enjoyed his sweet company at the wee hours of the morning, eating a big bag of sour jelly bellies he brought with him.

I also wanted to blog about the evening we spent at the Center for the Arts fundraiser for 2 young adults with cancer (including Sof) from Jackson along with the unveiling of a film about young adulthood cancer sponsered by "First Descents". It is a kayaking program and expedition for young adults with cancer or in recovery from cancer. There was a silent auction and performances by Contemporary Dance of Wyoming and a local improvisational comedy troop. Fantastic night.

Sof and I are on our own til we leave for SLC again on the 4th of March (next Wed).



  1. So is it next Wednesday, or is it the 4th? (Snicker)

  2. Bonnie, I don't know how you do it! Every time I get on Sof's blog I'm blown away at your (and her) strength and matter of fact, just 'do it' attitude. Just want you to know that you and Sof and your entire fam are in our prayers. Love you girl!