Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Feb 16 Post St. John's Hospital Visit

Here is the update! We loved our stay at St. John's. We started in the oncology ward with Judy Bayse for the first couple of hours. Then we checked into room 130 and stayed Thursday through Saturday. She only received one chemo drug ("dox") this time. It was far and away less intense without the cisplatin. Sof was so comfortable there and had the BEST nurses! She was surrounded by her friends from Jackson and that was a real treat for both of us. Sof had one night in the hospital that was heavy emotionally for her but like all of those times, they hit and pass. She has been in good spirits since and is comfortable here at home. Tonite she came walking into the kitchen on that leg with no crutches and I thought I would burst with happiness so see that sight. She was beaming. We still have 15 days left in Jackson. We are thinking about traveling out of town to go to Damon's away games this week-end!



  1. So happy to hear that doing chemo in Jackson worked out well! I missed you, though. And good for Sof for walking without crutches!!!