Thursday, February 4, 2010

February 4th 2010, Thursday

We always begin a new chemo treatment on Thursdays so here we are again, all situated in our room. Sofie gained 2 lbs last week due to the new med she is on and right now she is eating a chicken ceasar salad! So good to see her eating again. We enjoyed the 2 days we had off at grandmas and grandpas. We should be leaving to come home to Jackson on Monday. Tuesday and Wednesday of next week we will have off and then Thursday we will enter St John's for her first 5 day inpatient chemo treatment in Jackson!

After this current 3 week session, we will have 2 weeks off and do it again 3 more times. So..... its 3 weeks in 2 weeks out for 3 more times which means we are done end of May. The ONLY thing that would screw this schedule up is if she gets sick OR her blood levels are too low to start on time. In this event, it delays her another week which is added onto the end. So far, due to faith and prayers, Sofie hasnt been sick OR had blood levels prohibiting her from starting on time. Sof always feels pretty good her first day in the hospital because the drip doesnt actually start til around 10 pm.

We are looking forward to having her cousin Katie spend the night with us tonight!


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