Monday, March 15, 2010

March 15th

Sofie's methotrexate levels cleared out of her body a day early so we got to leave the hospital on yesterday instead of today. Before we left, Sofie had resolved to go visit the 12 year old girl across the hall to try lifting her spirits. I had left the hospital Saturday night to have dinner with friends and when I returned, Sof was in Hannah's room in her wheelchair playing cards with her. We became acquainted with the family and had an enjoyable time. The next morning before we left the hospital, the nurse came in and told us that a recently diagnosed osteo sarcoma patient (female, age 9) and her family would like to meet Sofie. So we had the opportunity to meet another family and a darling little girl, a dancer. Shortly after, the nurses taught me how to give Sofie's shots in her tummy. The drug is different than hepron, it's called lovenox.

Today, Jackie Kroger gave Sofie her shot. She's a pro because of her own experience with a diabetic daughter. It was good for Sofie to see that Jackie's administration of the shot hurt as much as mine. Good for me to know, I thought I just stunk at it. Sof had a busy day. Her Uncle Eric and Aunt Becky came, nurse came, teacher came and massage therapist came. Ahhhhh! Then she left with Damon to go to his families for dinner. I worked on getting physical therapy set up so they can get her bending that knee.

She enters St, John's on Thursday and will be there through Saturday.



  1. So happy that you got to leave PCMC a day early. I'm thrilled to hear that Sofie got to meet a few of the osteo patients there. I know Hannah and she needs someone strong and optimistic like Sofie to look up to. I will miss you guys for the next few weeks! Keep us posted on what is going on even though you will be closer to home.

  2. When is Sofie expected to be able to walk normally again? Like be done with physical therapy and moving on like the champ she is?