Saturday, March 20, 2010

March 20th

Sof just got out of St John's hospital today so we have 11 free days in Jackson before we go back to SLC. Her remaining days in chemo look like this:
1st 2 weeks of April at Primaries
3 days at St. Johns
1 week off
2 more weeks at Primaries

Sofie has had her cast off for 8 days now. She started physical therapy and has 4 sessions so far with Jane, Erin, and Matt. She is learning how to bend it. She has the potential to get it to 90 degrees. Today she achieved 45!! Doc says thats huge for only being out of cast a week. Monday, Sofie gets to start aquatic therapy with Andy and she is soooo excited for this. She loves learning about everything because she's really interested in going into physical therapy someday. Sof did very well on the doxy this time. She experienced some sickness in the middle of the night on both nights but she was sitting up a lot and had a lot of her friends around her.


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