Sunday, March 7, 2010


blogspot changed its password protocol, and, wonderful service that is Google, nobody knew, OF COURSE! so i haven't been able to get in and blog since forEVER. it is SOOOOO buggy, and we weren't able to do something simple as change the password, because that function is itself buggy, ugh. anyway, somehow, and i honestly don't recall exactly how, the password issue is resolved and voici, here i am blogging.

SO, this weekend has been pretty ok and even fun except for sofie's had chronic and significant stomach pain. at first morphine helped, but over time resistance built up and morphine wasn't touching it. we then tried oxycodone, which miraculously helped--miraculous because we don't typically think of oxycodone for stomach discomfort. the only problem was that sofie verged on becoming over medicated, what with all the other drugs used for nausea that act bilaterally as sedatives. it felt touch and go for a short while because of slowed heart rates--nothing too severe, but certainly cautious concern. anyway, long story short, all's well.

and then happily, sofie's wonderful friend, tasha hobley aka vu, came and spent last night. anyone who knows sofie knows how dearly she loves her friends and they her. she misses them terribly while she's here in utah, especially through these extended periods, so the companionship of close friends like tasha is an emotional godsend.

and then, if that weren't fabulous enough, sofie's neato friend, kyle fisher, flew in from jackson for a whirlwind visit. we've played cards and joked around. just a great, great kid with a fabulously enjoyable sense of humor.



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