Monday, March 22, 2010

March 22nd- Aquatic Therapy

Today was a big day for Sofie. First of all, she had to wake up before noon! Her first "real" physical therapy was at 10 am in the therapy pool at All Body Therapy. Up to this point, she has had pt work with her at home and in the hospital with her range of motion only. In the pool, she got a full body workout along with using resistance in the pool to bend her knee on her own. The biggest difference is that at home and in the hospital, the therapist is bending Sofies knee using gravity. At the pool, Sofie is engaging her brain in the process by telling her leg to make specific movements and executing on her own. Big difference!! I was sooooo proud of the work she did today in the pool. After 30 minutes she was exhausted and barely had the strength to rinse in the shower. She shows a very quiet bravery as she attempts to engage her knee. I cant tell in any obvious way that she is in pain or that she is shocked or disheartened by her lack of function in that leg but I know she battles with both in a very subtle way. Mentally she is always moving forward.



  1. Thank you for continuing these updates. I hang on every word. It might seem at times as if interest isn't as intense since the surgery and smashing kill-rate success. However, I for one am always interested in any news or day-by-day--just as interested now as I was relieved and grateful for the excellent news before.

    Go Sof! Go Bon! Go Geo!

  2. I echo Jason's remark precisely. Love you guys.