Wednesday, April 14, 2010

April 15th... HAPPY 17TH SOFIE!

With great sadness I wont be here in Jackson for Sofie's birthday so if you are here in Jackson, go love on her for me!!! She was only 16 for 5 months before she was diagnosed. Once she started on her medications, she stopped driving. After the surgery and for 3 months following, she was in a cast. Without the cast she hasnt been able to bend her leg enough to drive.... however.... today, she pretzeled herself behind the wheel with her left leg up on the dash and drove to the high school in my car! Operation success. Dont know what the cops would say about her unique positioning behind the wheel but it was a huge liberation for her to drive again. Tomorrow she turns 17. She will be pronounced "cancer free" (meaning, no more chemo) 32 days into her 17th year!! And we are turning a corner and hittin the gym full force (the books too). Think Sofie can finish her junior year in one summer so she can march with the graduating class of 2011? We'll see!

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  1. Sofie!!!
    You rock on girl! You havae hit a hug mile stone and we are all so proud of your huge accopmlishments, here at the Steele house! Love you so much...