Thursday, April 1, 2010

April Fools!

I hate April Fools cause you're messin with peoples heads! Brookie just told Sofie her grandma died! Not cool! I told Sofie she was not allowed to do any "cancer" April fools jokes. She totally disagreed! So dont let her fool you today! We just checked in at Primaries for another 5 day visit. Then we ll have 2 days off and do another 5 days here. Jeff was able to break away today so he is here with us. The girls and I been in Kaysville since Sunday and had lots of fun. Sof stayed up way too late last night with cousin Katie and had a blast. Katie is 13 and quite a talented beat boxer! Syd and Hallie got to visit Lacey May Geddes' beauty parlor and get all beautified! And of course, shopping with all of my girls has been a blast because, well.... we are girls. We've had such fun! Happy Easter!


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