Wednesday, April 28, 2010

April 28th

Im blogging to let you know that Sofie and I are leaving this morning. We are going to Logan for an afternoon appt with an audiologist to help Sofies hearing. The ringing in her ears has been relentless. We are ready for a solution! On Thursday Sofie starts a 5 day chemo round at Primaries. Two days after she finishes that one she begins her last 5 dayer. Its very strange to be at the end of this and starting summer like nothing ever happened. Brings back memories of last summer. Sofie had just got her drivers license and a summer job at Teton Steakhouse. It was last summer that Sofie completed a 25 mile pioneer trek with no knowledge that she had cancer! I remember doing Cache to Game Creek with her early in the summer. (she hiked 9 miles in chacos!). What a blast that was. When I look back at the last 9 months I realize that faith is a choice you have to make everyday, sometimes every moment. I still practice this now..... everyday, sometimes out of survival, sometimes out of joy. Sofie is much of my joy. She teaches me every moment and inspires much of my laughter. She also reminds me where I am missing the mark. We talk about life. We've had a lot of time to do that. We gain new insights and share them with each other. Many times I overhear Sofie sharing her thoughts with Sydnie and Hallie and helping them through their rough patches. She is very aware of what the experience of cancer has taught her. We are closing a chapter and opening a new one. It will take 4-6 weeks for the nausea to completely wear off after chemo. Can you imagine how she is going to feel when those effects have left her?? Like a rebirth Im sure. And a REAL chance to focus on her leg. I decided that living one day at a time may be a little more intense but I like this way of life. Looking ahead can be somewhat of a trap. The here and now is all we really have and its beautiful!! Ive got to finish packing. There will be more to blog from the hospital!


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