Friday, April 9, 2010

April 9th

After a tough hospital stay last week, this 2nd 5 day methotrexate has been easier... go figure. Sof is awake, happy and interactive. Yesterday she got another echocardiogram which indicated that the clot on her heart is gone! NO MORE SHOTS!! Such happy news for Sofie. She got to the point with her shots that she wasnt afraid of them anymore which for her was huge. Her anxiety with shots used to be high. Its amazing the transformation we make when we face and conquer a fear. Watching Sofie do this these many months has been a wonderful experience. Today Sof is going visiting around the cancer ward some of the other patients. There is a darling little 4 yr old girl across the hall with osteosarcoma in her shoulder. And 12 yr old Hannah is here again for infection. We brought our array of wigs for her to try on this time. Damon is back from Mexico and arrived last night. He will be with us til we drive back on Monday. Syd and Hallie are at the Hogle Zoo today with their cousins. Next week, Sofs treatment is in Jackson. I have to spend the day in Utah the first day so my parents are coming up to visit!! So excited. They havnt been in Jackson for awhile!! I cant wait to spend time with them.


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