Friday, April 9, 2010

some thoughts today

if we are not out of the woods, we are certainly at the tree line descending an arduous path with a beautiful valley in view. i look back at the humility of a mother and largess of grand parents earning, if not celestial life, certainly celestial eligibility. i've witnessed a daughter arrive from unspeakable places, entering the gates of sorrow to learn the process of emotional power. i've seen a 16 year old live her age while a sage for the ages.

and lest any believe cancer is the great master, let me swiftly disabuse you of that. i have mentioned in the past that while cancer may magnify all the normal stresses and strains and storms and hurts and hopes and feelings and troubles and emotions and and and and, it is NOT who we are, or who we have become, or who sofie is, or who she has become. i am reminded of the prophet who praises god for his weakness. cancer is merely the weakness of this life out of which greatness and strength are born.

god bless our cancer survival.

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