Friday, April 9, 2010


Donata Trussell, the queen of all physical therapists here at Primaries has big goals for Sofie. She says that Sofie's scar tissue is in good shape. She will not require any manipulations. A manipulation is when they sedate you and tork your joint to loosen the scar tissue. Donata also explained that Sofie's response to chemo has been ideal such that she endures it well and bounces back. Both of these factors make Donata very excited to push the boundaries of Sofies capabilities with her leg. Her goal with Sofie is a 130 degree range of motion. This range would allow for biking. Up to this point we were under the notion, per doctor's information, that her maximum range of motion would be 90 degrees. My thinking is that the surgeon's have to be conservative in their prognosis based on the science behind the surgery and the outcomes they have experienced with patients. But an inspiring physical therapist will push those boundaries and help the patient listen to their bodies and achieve what they desire. One of Donata's teen-age patients with bone cancer phoned her some weeks back to report that she had gone downhill skiing for the first time! I think Donata was even caught off guard at this news!! Catilina had been a competitive downhill skier pre-cancer. Her last chemo was in September of 09. She had a terrible time with scar tissue and with chemo. But she had the desire and drive to ski. Sofie is moving out of the chemo stage, which was somewhat predictable and scheduled, and moving into the strengthening phase. It is no doubt exciting but we are also entering the world of unknowns and possibilities. This is when inspiration RULES possibilities. We are so lucky to have the best physical therapists working with Sofie.... Donata (Primaries), Jane (St. Johns) and Andy (All Body Therapy). We can hit this full force after chemo is officially discontinued. This is when she will start to fly!!! One day at a time..... closer to gaining mastery over a new leg. She said the other day, "Mom... I love my leg." It is considerably smaller and somewhat misshappen with a 14 inch scar but she loves her leg. It's that love that is going to inspire the healing and mobility we are already visualizing. We are very grateful. I LOVE INSPIRATIONAL PEOPLE!!! I love Donata.


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