Sunday, November 22, 2009

Biggest Surprise! November 21st

Today we presented Sofie and Clara with a long awaited surprise. They had NO CLUE. We told them to get ready for a night on the town. Then at 5 pm we sat them down and gave them 2 gift wrapped boxes with front row tix to Season 5 SUTUCD tour... last show of the season! These tix came with back stage passes to meet the dancers!!! What a show it was... WOW! Three hours long and then an hour meetand greet with the dancers. They knew Sofie's story because a friend of mine had gone backstage in SLC with a big "Get Well Sofie" banner that all the dancers had signed when sof was in for chemo. So Sofie took all the dancers her black and white pointe photo signed with a thank-you to each dancer. They were all so warm and receiving of her. Felt like we were with family. Sof practically filmed the whole show on her phone last night and we will post our photos!! Sooooo fun! How could Season 6 be any better than "FIVE ALIVE"!!!! Bonnie

PS. Thank-you Tami Larsen for the back stage passes through your contact.. RANDI EVANS!!!!
PPS Thank-you Megan Maxwell for arranging this surprise and your gift to Sofie... her ticket!


  1. Dont forget...Thank you to Phillip Chbeeb for getting the other 5 backstage passes for Sof. Bonnie & I both contacted people we knew from the show...she found backstage passes from Tami who knows Randi and I got passes from Phillip! What a great show!

  2. SUTUCD! That's one of my favorite shows. How cool it must have been just to see the tour show, let alone backstage passes. Lucky U.

  3. What an amazing surprise! I wanted to go to the Season 5 tour so badly but none of my friends would go with me. Season 5 has been my favorite season so far! Sounds like you had a great time, Sofie!!