Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Post from sister Hallie age 8

Complamants for Sofie by Hallie Wilcox (no edits)

You are a very beatiful dancer
You are soooo beatiful
I absolutely LOVE your personality
You are a great sister
You drive very well
You warm my hart
You make great choices
You are very good student in school because you always get A plusses
You are very brave aspecailly when you have cancer
I want to cry for how great you are


  1. That is SO sweet!! Aren't sisters the best?

  2. Heyyyy Bonnie!
    THis is Sarah Ross.
    I miss seeing sofie every day soooo much. school is not the same without her smiling happy face.
    let her know i miss her and i am thinking of you guys every day! This poem is so sweet...i love sisters.
    <3 sarah

  3. Those are the sweetest words I have ever read! I love that little Hallie! She is the best little sister to Sofie...so is Sydnie!

  4. Sweet Sydney just showed us the poem. Wow-so touching. Fun to read it while the girls were here. LOVE having them in our home. It's like having Megan & Lindsay back!! They are ADORABLE and patient-playing army outside with Michael! Hallie keeps coming in saying she gets caught in all the booby traps but goes back outside with more ammunition!! Way to go Hallie!!! Love ya