Thursday, November 19, 2009

November 19th-Sleepless in Seattle!

The excitement is more than we can handle! Upon arriving at Aunt Jennies home in Duvall, Wa, Sof snuck into her cousins room and hid under the covers. Clara (fav cousin ever) had no clue we were coming. Her mom told her to go clean her room at which time she FINALLY discovered Sofie and began to sob joyous tears! It was the reunion of all time. Gillian (10 yrs old), another cousin also stood there weeping at the surprise. Half an hour later, Olivia(13 yrs), came home. Sof hid again in her bed and another BIG surprise ensued. Needless to say we are in "cousin heaven" out here and plan to stay for a long week-end. Bennie(7 yrs old) is performing his Michael Jackson moves like crazy and we are all amazed!
Sof's blood work is very compromised and lower than ever but we dont make any moves without talking to her treatment team first. It's all about the mask, sanitized hands, and staying away from sick people. Her platlettes are very low which means her blood cant clot well on its own to stop bleeding. If she has "a bleed" of any kind which is uncontrollable, she has to get a blood transfusion. On the flight to Seattle, her nose began to bleed. 45 minutes later it finally stopped. Oncology likes to get a phone call after 10 minutes. Mid flight, we couldnt do that, but called as soon as we could. Luckily the bleeding had stopped at that point. We definitely prayed before we left that all would be well as she enjoys this joyous occassion with family. We continue to learn a lot about this disease and feel empowered in that. Bonnie

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