Friday, November 6, 2009

November 6th

We are back in the hospital now. Its 6 pm and Sof's chemo drip just started. Damon and his mom Lisa Smith are here. Damon, Sof and Daddy G are playing cards. Last night Sof and I spent all eve at Gateway eating sushi, chocolate, icecream, and vanillas steamers. Shopped American Eagle, Barnes and Noble and of course, Build-a-Bear! We stayed in a darling bed and breakfast. She got a new journal and finally started to write about her cancer. We had a blast together. If this chemo session is anything like the first, she wont remember the next week so we are enjoying her while she is still coherent.


  1. I hope things are going okay so far. Sorry I didn't get up to see you last night...the PICU was crazy!! I hear you had Becca for your nurse though. She is awesome! Tell Sofie I said hello. I will see you Sunday.

  2. I love you all sooooooooooo much. I am finally hooked up thanks to Robin & the Bresnan lady. I will be taking something for Jeff and the girls on Monday. (for the freezer) Hope all is well. Luv U. M