Saturday, November 7, 2009

November 7th

Sofia's day today has included sleep, sleep and more sleep. In order to combat the sickness, she has to be on around the clock anti-nausea meds. So in return she sleeps. She awoke this morn at around 11 am, was only awake for an hour or so, then slept til about 8:30 pm. Awoke long enough to ask for more medicine. Damon has been here since yesterday, spent the night in the lounge area in his sleeping bag! Tonight, I got to meet Cheryl Hobbs, a 21 year old osteo sarcoma patient from Preston. We had been following her blog since Sof was first diagnosed so it was so great to finally meet her. She is in the room right across the hall from Sof and this is her 2nd to last treatment. She had a 10 lb tumor in her left femur. She is a beautiful girl with a wonderful spirit. We are very priviledged to meet special people like her during this time! Bonnie

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