Friday, November 20, 2009

November 20th- Clara and Sofie reunited!

Enjoyed our first full day with family and friends in Duvall! Got scolded by my dear high school friend for not blogging daily! So... just wanted you all to know that if I dont blog a day or two it means that Sofie is well and not sick! Yesterday was definitely tiring for Sof but she slept in this morning and had a good day. She visited the dance studios of her cousin Clara and watched a video of Clara playing "Peter Pan" at 2009 Spring performance. They both share a love of dance!

In just a few more days, Dancer's Workshop is putting out the dance calendar with Sofie on the cover, playing "the Stork" on pointe. Very excited for that. It's a fundraiser that DW is putting on for Sofies wellness fund. If anyone wants a copy just leave a comment on this post and I will earmark and ship a copy for you. The photography is black and white by Zack Rosser and it's beautiful!! Bonnie


  1. Sign me up! I would love a copy!! Glad to hear Sofie is doing well.

  2. Can I buy a copy when I'm home for Christmas? So that no one has to ship it?

  3. I would love to buy one also when I am home at Christmas! Save one for me and also my mom!!

    Thanks Bonnie.
    -Ashley H.

  4. How much is the suggested price?

  5. I'll keep an eye for them at DW! Glad to hear Sofie is doing well. All our love!