Friday, December 18, 2009

December 18th

Sofie got out of surgery at around midnight last. Dr Jones came in to talk with us. He was amazed by her during surgery. Her vital signs were strong throughout, there was little if any bleeding, and they DIDN'T need to do a skin graft, which they thought they would, even though they had to cut a triangle section of skin out (the skin which had been been touching up against the tumor.) They were able to save both main arterial vessels down her calf muscle (which took an additional hour and a half of surgery in and of itself). Her muscle was so big and healthy that there was plenty to draw from when they folded it over the implant, a part of the procedure that protects against infection long term. Because her skin stretched back together so well and they didn't have to do a skin graft, her scar will have a much nicer result. a small chance exists that a skin graft might still occur due to swelling over the next couple days, but that chance is marginal at most.

After surgery she was wide awake, so clear and lucid that the nurses were commenting amongst themselves about it. We were given two options for her pain management before surgery started. She could get an epidural (which is standard procedure in many hospitals nation wide) or could receive IV narcotics (morphine). It would seem a no brainer to go with the epidural but there is a slight chance of masking nerve damage which they like to test for directly following surgery. Naturally I was worried about the narcotic option as our family had a dear friend who was told there was no question he would have to go to rehab after his leg surgery because of the ammount of pain management that would be required.

We decided to compromise. They would insert the epidural but not begin dosing it until after surgery as needed. When she got out of surgery, she rated her pain level at an 8. Her doctor made the comment that her pain tolerance is high. He called her ability to handle pain "stoic". As she was in a high level of pain, her doc felt 100% confident following nerve testing. They began the epidural and her pain went from 8 to between a zero and 1. Any woman who has had an epidural can attest to the absolute blessing of this pain blocker.

Sof fell back asleep at 3 am. however kept awaking through out night for nurse inspections. She woke up for good at 10:30 which was also the time Geoff, Meg and I awoke too. To me it felt like 8 am at most. I felt like I lost half a day!

Sof will be in a splint for 48 hours so that the swelling has a chance to go down before the cast. Then she will get her cast put on. Sofie is currently playing cards with her dad, texting her friends and playing on her new computer. It will be a joyous day for us all.

The atmosphere in this hospital today is full of sick families who are full of the joy and faith that the Christmas seasons brings. It is very busy, barely any available space in the cafeteria today. I would never know with the conviction I have today the power of faith that carries people during their darkest hours. Sofie's result yesterday was facilitated directly through the power of your faith and prayers. Many of you fasted, including her sisters Sydnie and Hallie. (Hallie asked her dad if he would write a note to school so that she wouldnt have to keep explaining why she wasnt eating lunch). From Sydnie's 5th grade class, 2 interfaith friends fasted with her. Many of you are simply anonymous support whose faithful gestures have carried Sofie's progress to its current fruition. I am overwhelmed by who you are, each of you, and your faith in God who sustains us all. I am very emotional this morning, filled with the spirit, and ready to move her recovery forward now. She will be back for chemo within the next 14 days. Sure hopin' to make Damon's Star Valley game in Jackson.... first home game.... GO BRONCS!!!! We will try to blog lots while we are here!!!!!



  1. Yea, Sofie! Yea, Bonnie!

    I'm so happy today for us all.


  2. Maybe I shouldn't have read this at work. I'm teary-eyed, people looking at me a little strangely, I don't care--so happy.