Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Prayer Rolls

If you are attending the temple today or tomorrow, please place Sofie's surgeon's name on the prayer rolls. And if you are not attending the temple and are so inclined please call the temples and have his as well as Sofie's name added. I will be attending the Bountiful temple on the day of surgery so I will get the names put on the rolls there on the 11th. His name is Kevin B.Jones. Thank-you. Im so looking forward to a marvelous day at the temple on Friday. Bonnie

PS The surgeon spent over an hour with us this morning talking about the surgery. I guess I didnt realize that he will also be taking 3 inches of femur as well. He is a most amazing man as well as surgeon.

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  1. You are amazing!!! Thinking of you and your family daily!!!