Friday, December 18, 2009

a resounding success!

sofie's surgery went exceptionally well. she has been lucid and very comfortable since entering the recovery holding room last night around midnight. the next milestone will be no infections. keep fingers crossed and those prayers active! thank you all for the profound impact of your faith and prayers. the nasty interloper is removed!

dr jones, the surgeon, commented on her exceptional health and muscle tone. they use her calf muscle to protect the implant in some technical way and sofie's was so athletic (according to dr jones) that it made the surgery ever more effective. the metal rods inserted almost universally split the bone; sofie's tibia and femur both held firm, no splitting whatsoever! according to dr jones that is remarkable of itself. also, the doctors marveled post surgery at her recovery response; so lucid, so present and happy. currently she is very comfortable and we are having fun in the hospital room with her friend megan (the same megan who made possible sofie's attendance and backstage pass to "so you think you can dance" in seattle.)


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