Monday, December 21, 2009

December 21st

Sof finished out last night by using bed pan. This morning she insisted she use the toilet and did a fantastic job getting out of bed and back. Then she took a long nap. PT came in to get her to try crutching. She stood up but couldnt hold her leg out front on her own once she was in a standing position so we held it for her. Close call with her passing out as I looked up and the blood had drained out of her face. We got her back down immediately. She felt like a big loser because she felt like a failure. Dad G and I talked her through this faulty thinking!!! Every morning and night brings new progress of things she didnt think she would be able to do. Its hard to believe she might actually be ready to get released tomorrow when she can barely get out of bed. Dont know if a 4 hour drive in the back of my car is going to be what the doctor ordered. Getting home might be trickier than we thought. Might need a bed pan for the drive. Cant imagine getting her into a gas station!! Also cant imagine her using her crutches for a while when she cant prop her leg in front of herself right now. Wow, we thot surgery was a sort of summit point but you know how you're hiking and you think your at the top til you get there and see that there is more? Thats what it feels like. Learning how to use her leg will be extraordinarily challenging, cast on or off. I will be like learning to use a new body part cause that what it is!! She is sleeping now. Uncle Todd coming with In and Out burgers! Sof has more uncles than we can count and they all all the BEST!!


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