Wednesday, December 30, 2009

December 30th

Got a phone call early today with news from the pathology lab. You may remember that the doctors know nothing about the cancer tumor until they blast it with chemo, take it out and study it under a microscope piece by piece. This is done after removal. After assessing the tumor they are able to determine exactly what percentage of the tumor was killed by the chemo drugs. If the chemo was not able to do the job anticipated, the treatment plan changes using different (even less desirable) drugs and extends past the time frame originally anticipated. The docs shoot for a 95% dead tumor as a best case scenario. Sofie's tumor came out 98% dead!!!!!!!

Essentially this means her outcome was even better than desired & will not require changing her treatment plan in any way. All systems a go. She/we will begin treatment again on January 7th, the 1st in 2010 of 12 treatments, each requiring a 5 day stay.

I feel humbled and relieved but I can't say surprised because Sofie has had "best case scenario" in terms of her response to treatment since the beginning. This is due to the person she is, but also because of who you are--support everywhere from complete strangers to beloved acquaintances. You have brought us to our knees. There are not words to describe how we feel about the outpouring of your hearts in Sofie's behalf. There are good, brave, generous and compassionate people in this world and we get to meet them and share in their lives everyday because of cancer. Thank you for sharing your hearts with our family.



  1. This is simply fantastic news! :D

  2. Just so grateful. Fasting this Sunday will include continued prayers for Sofie's complete recovery but also prayers of gratitude.

  3. Yippeee!!!!!!! Congrats Sofie!!!! Lots of Love.

  4. Always more tears. Thankfully, this time, of encouragement and relief.