Saturday, December 5, 2009

Speaking of fasting

Hi, this is Bonnie. My thoughts on the fast include 2 opportunities for all those who want to participate (Lds members, community members and loved ones of ALL faiths):

The first opportunity is for a traditional first-Sunday-of-the-month fast about to take place and dedicated to Sofie's surgeon, her surgery and post-op recovery.

The 2nd opportunity including sofie's direct family, close family members, friends and all who want to participate will be a 24 hour fast combined with prayer beginning the morning of Friday December 11th and going til breakfast the next morning. It's a 24 hour fast begun and ended with prayer.

As well as being one of the best in the field, Sofie's surgeon, coming out of Harvard and Johns Hopkins medical school, is also a great man of faith. He is meticulous in his work preferring to work slowly and thoughtfully. Sof's particular surgery involves working around a plethora of vessels and tendons. Doc's performance needs to be immaculate, navigating through it all, as he replaces her knee and leg. She has opted for steel knee which will allow only a 90 degree range of motion bending her leg.

Our prayer and desire are for her to have an optimal result for a return back to dance next year DESPITE obvious limitations. She is dedicated to seeing her Senior year through to perform her senior piece which she has been choreographing in her head for many years. No doubt Sofie's goals are shifting as God directs her life. We are along for the wondrous journey of it all. Bonnie

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  1. Best of luck with the surgery. It is amazing what the docotors can do! I know that fasting has bless me also during my time. I will keep your family in my prayers.