Wednesday, December 2, 2009


after administration of methotrexate, levels have to drop to .1 before release from the hospital. i don't really know what .1 means, but when first measured following complete infusion, levels have been as high as 1750. three or four days of flushing are typically required to drop levels back to acceptable maximums. anyway, sofie is excited to be driving back to jackson today. she will be back this friday for another round of methotrexate which will lead fairly quickly to her surgery.

now, regarding the surgery: it is typically about a ten hour procedure. the doctor actually advised me to work that day. they also advise those planning to be on site to plan for time off site. it's emotionally grueling, and even as i write i am reticent to do so. regardless, we are excited for that nasty interloper to be out of our sweet girl's body!

sofie said yesterday, "i will proud of my scar!" that's our girl.


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