Thursday, December 17, 2009

surgery underway

well, at 1:10 pm sofie walked through the doorway of the surgical unit leaving behind her mother, father, friend megan (all the way from the seattle area), and an angel of mercy from my lds congregation in provo who showed up at the hospital to help however she might. sofie was her typical good humored self throughout the entire morning leading right up to the walk that will remain etched, i am sure, in the heads and hearts of each of us there. if sofie registered any fear, it was hardly noticeable. incredible to think she walked through that doorway all biology to return 10 hours later without a tumor and only slightly metallic for the wear. we are at once terrified and comforted. we call upon father in heaven in united prayer to work the deep magic of christ and christmas upon dr jones as he lays hands upon our dear girl.

before signing off for now, a deep thanks to everyone for their donations.



  1. I feel the power of our Heavenly Father strongly in this fast and prayerfulness. We *are* united in prayer for Sofie's good and the glory of God.

  2. We are so glad to hear that all went well. We will continue to pray for a great recovery:)