Sunday, December 27, 2009

Megan Maxwell

Let me introduce you to Megan Maxwell. She has been babysitting for my sister (Jennifer May) in Duvall, Wa. since she was 10 years old. It was also at the age of 10 that she began doing her own little pre-school which my sister promply enrolled her little ones into. She is 20 years old now and finishing her degree in early childhood development. She also teaches children's dance in a studio in Duvall.
When Sofie was diagnosed, Megan became involved in following her blog. She had never met Sofie but last summer she got tickets in LA for a taping of SYTYCD and needed an adult to accompany her so I went. Thats when I got to know Megan. She decided after Sof got cancer, knowing that sof was a dancer, to set up a surprise week-end in Seattle and arranged for tickets to the last SYTYCD on tour in Seattle along with back stage passes. We had a ball that week-end and Sof and Megan bonded. After we got back home to Jackson, Meg asked how I would feel about her flying to Jackson and asked her mom if she could have the trip for Christmas. I was excited but knew that visiting Sofie meant a lot of health care and hard work. Living at the hospital can be grueling because of the long hours, and when Sof doesnt feel good it can be a heavy environment. Megan made it clear that she was coming not to vacation but to serve in anyway possible. She got here on the 14th of December, flying straight into Jackson and then drove down with us for the surgery. She lived at the hospital with Sof for 7 days and was with her during Sofs hardest moments at the hospital. She sat with sof, holding her hand and rubbing her arm from a chair next to her bed for hours in a dimly lit room to help Sof get her mind off pain and nausea. Megan has become a nurse, a mother's helper, a house cleaner and organizer, and a cook. She times Sofies medications every 3 hours on her phone all thru the night to make sure sof gets her meds on time. She gets her to the bathroom before I am even aware that Sof "has to go" and situates her back in bed with a bazillion pillows propping her leg and cushioning her boney areas that are so tired of lying in the same position! She has been playing beauty parlor with my 8 and 10 year old, spotting them in gymnastics and choreographing dances with them. Because she is so experienced with little ones, she is sometimes the only able to console Hallie when she is having a meltdown. I cannot describe enough the depth of my amazement at who this girl is and what she has tirelessly given to our family during this time. I honestly dont want to adjust to not having her here anymore. She leaves on New Years day to finish one more semester of school. We will miss her greatly and are trying to talk her into coming back for the summer!!! Thank-you from the bottom of our hearts. You will never know the impact you've had on our lives..... Love Bonnie

PS I am looking for a ride to SLC for Meg on New Years day. She will need to go to Kaysville to stay with my parents and fly out the next day. Let me know if this might work with any of your schedules!! Thank-you!


  1. How absolutely an angel. God bless her.

  2. I am not planning a trip to Utah, but if you can't find anyone I will take her. I have family in Layton that I could stay a night with. She sounds like an amazing young woman.


  3. What an amazing act of love and service...truly an angel. That is such a beautiful story.

  4. Sounds like you've found a mortal angel.

  5. Bonnie, We are going down to Utah New Years Day (Friday.) We will already be in Idaho (Green Canyon.) We would be happy to take her down to Utah with us. Please call me if you haven't already found a ride for her.