Sunday, December 6, 2009

tender mercies

bonnie put it so beautifully this morning regarding sofie's night which went much better than we had anticipated: "one of the lord's tender mercies."

sofie suffered about an hour, no more, of touch and go with severe nausea, but all went away and she slept soundly through the night. today we are feeling the effects of everyone's fasting and prayer. sofie and i feel extremely christmassy just hanging out together on a wonderful sunday listening to motown christmas selections from wonderful day. thanks for all your prayers and good karma.


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  1. Thanks for the opportunity to join you in fasting and prayer. I feel the power of it; hope you do too.

    God blesses us through each other: God has given the surgeon a gift. I am confident that God will direct his hands and mind. He will feel as if this operation is his finest work yet.