Tuesday, December 1, 2009

surgery date moved up!

so, guess what. sofie's surgery date has been moved up by over 2 weeks! if you're unsure, this is GOOD news to us. sofie's oncologist consulted with the surgeon and indicated she is responding more than adequately to chemo, recovers fairly readily, and so could proceed with the surgery sooner than later. so, on dec 11 she will be very uncomfortable, and in pretty severe pain for the first 3 days or so thereafter.

the last few days have been pretty traumatic: processing the news about surgical options was rough, and other significant events have really stretched us to our emotional limits...and beyond, frankly. sofie had a pretty rough night last; i simply can't quote one of the most wrenching questions she asked. and nearly as racking as the ultimate question is her grief over dance.

ugh, blogpost just failed to save over an hour of work. i haven't the energy to try and recapture it all, so suffice to say we met someone today who just got out of his 3 month cast from the same condition and surgery. it was miraculous to behold. and by miraculous i don't mean devoid of visible restructuring, re-shaping, etc. but i do mean that for how early the stage of healing, the leg appeared stable, ambulatory, highly functional, and well within limits of "normal" appearance. for a woman perhaps the concern will be deeper from a cosmetic viewpoint, but i am ecstatic and am very comfortable with saying sofie's leg will be beautiful.

on a lighter note: she ate good portions of solids today!


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  1. Dec 11?? That's a little over a week away! Wow. Hopefully she will be able to enjoy the Christmas holiday more with her surgery complete. Please let cute Sofie know that I am thinking about her. I wish I could be her nurse every night!