Saturday, December 19, 2009

December 19th

Tried to sleep in but Sof got her 1st visitor at 8 am!! Eric and Becky Wilcox! No biggie, her physical therapist came at 8:30 anyway and Sof was so excited to see them. Sof is a little weaker today, low red blood cell count, nothing we're not used to but it makes her tired and drawn. Just when she finally got back to sleep at noon, her physical therapist came back and made her get up. How rude is that? Its all good.
Sof has grown attatched to a male CNA, Whit, that has been taking care of her. As we were all just doing our own thing here in the room, I looked over and Sof was crying. As the often panicked mother of a cancer patient I assumed she was in physical/emotional pain, and asked what was wrong. She was talking with Whit who had just told her he had a 2 year old son with a rare form of muscular atrophy. He has already beat the odds of life by reaching the age of two. Sof couldnt control the floodgates as Whit apologized that her tears were his fault. We spent time thereafter watching Jonas blogspot. What a dollie he is. Wow the people we meet.

PS (Jonas blogspot!)


  1. I'm so glad to hear that you are doing okay, Sof. I wish I could come see you, but I am not back at work until Tuesday. Hopefully you will be out by then! Hope you heal quickly. Love ya.

  2. It was a joy spending the day as with you as your nurse...keep smiling that beautiful smile! Thanks for making my day brighter!
    (nurse megan :)