Friday, October 23, 2009

3 followers on twitter so far!!

So I still havnt figured out how to be a twitter follower, a pathetic admission I know, but I AM of the older generation, a little techno challenged. So far Lauren Sanford, Aunt Jessie and cousin Lili are followers!! Its kind-of exciting, I just updated it but the nice thing about the twitter is that there will be a lot more little postings on details of day. Brookie put the current slide show up last night. Thx Brookie, I love it!! Bonnie


  1. Help! I created a Twitter account, but I couldn't find Sofie's account to be a follower. If you have any help, I would love to be a follower!

  2. What's Sofie's user name? I can't get her to come up on Twitter. Thanks for setting up lots of ways to follow her, it's great! You're amazing Sofie!

  3. Awesomeness....I'm a follower!! Good to know the girls are sleeping, cuz I've been texting and no response. Thanks Bonnie!