Friday, October 2, 2009

second day in hospital... first chemo day!

... she got her central line last night... a bit of a painful post op for her but she felt much better by about 10 last night. Brookie spent the night with her in her hospital bed. Both in their footy pjs. She is definately the biggest "kid" in this hospital!! Its taken a while to get her chemo going this morn. They have to fill her with a certain number of fluids so that the chemo flushes thru fast... otherwise it hangs out in the bladder and eats away the lining. She said that was "creepy". Officialy started chemo a few mins ago and she is falling asleep with brookie again in her bed!! This stream of chemo last 48 hours. She will be released Sunday afternoon and we are hoping to fly back to Jax on Monday eve, 8 pm flight. She will return to hospital for 3 weeks on Oct 22nd. While we are hospital free we are flying with her to NYC to get her fitted for her hair. She will come home with her "new hair" around the 12th. Hoping the chemo doesnt wipe her out too much for the trip!!

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  1. Hey, Sofie! It's Jami...your night nurse. I hope that you are still feeling okay. You are doing AWESOME with this chemo. I am so glad that I have had the chance to take care of you. You are an amazing and beautiful person. I hope I can take care of you again!