Thursday, October 22, 2009

October 22- first day, second round

We checked in at noon. She has been hooked up to an iv fluid that will flush her body to a certain ph level to where she can withstand the metheltrexate. After that, they will give her 15 minutes of zophran which is anti nausea medication. The chemo will start. Its almost 6 pm and her ph level still isnt high enough, but Im anticipating any time the nurse coming in to start. Watching Lord of the Rings. Grandma and grandpa were here for a while. Now daddy g is here and of course, Brookie. I know my daughter loves me but I gotta tell you, my presence here doesnt have nearly the impact as Brookies does. What a blessing. Thanks Jackie. OK, due to the ever awesome Morgan Lundsford, Sofie now has a twitter. Now I dont know exactly what that means yet but I do know that if you sign up to be a follower, we can get blow by blow info to her fans, haha, the info is of a more brief variety but it will tell you things like, chemo iv just started or sof is awake, etc, etc. I think the hs kids will groove on it more that we adult variety of peeps, if ya know what I mean. More info on twitter is upcoming. Ive got to go figure it out!! Bonnie

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