Thursday, October 1, 2009

Best way to reach Sof and I

Primary's is kind-of like a cave.... pretty unstable cell phone reception. Best way to reach us is txt, email, or facebook. Cell phone reception depends on where we happen to be in the building. Sofies in surgery right now, then she'll be admitted. This hospital is super crowded! They dont have room for her on the regular chemo wing so they are still trying to find her a room ! They couldnt find her vein when they were putting in her IV so I took some pretty funny pictures of her facials expressions while they were digging around in her hand..... many of you will be able to relate to this !

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  1. One time when I had to get an IV to get an x-ray done to check up on how my kidneys were doing, and they had to prick me 6 times! I had two holes in both hands, and one in each elbow. I also bruise really easily so the next day it looked like I had been beaten up by someone.