Wednesday, October 7, 2009

October 7th Back In Jax

We pulled in last night at 1 am. Felt great to be here. Walked Sofie into her newly sanitized room which looked like heaven. She was so happy when she saw it. Her young women's president came beforehand and did it for us so we didn't have to worry about germs in her room upon arrival. We slept together in her bed... so strange to be the only ones here. Jeff and the girls will return tonight. It'll give me a chance to keep sanitizing. Its one thing to keep your house clean and another to keep it sanitized!!! So many things Im learning right? We're gonna try to pace ourselves on visitors but would love to see you when possible! Bonnie


  1. Hey Sof, Hang in there.
    Idea from a friend of mine----Braid your hair and then cut it off. Send it to Locks of Love, where they make wigs for cancer patients such as yourself; have a wig for yourself made out of it; or just keep it.
    Also having short hair doesn't make it so stressful when it starts to fall out.
    Just some ideas. Love you, Diana (Nadija's mama) Rieser

  2. I'd had this same idea. Didn't know if the thought would bother Sofie.