Friday, October 30, 2009

October 30th Happy almost Halloween

"the all-loving God shapes our individual growing and sanctifying experiences- and then sees us through them...."

What a fantastic day!! Sofie has been alert and high functioning. And incidentally, prayers have mercifully blessed us both with good health, no flu-like sympoms through this whole thing so far. The staff here dressed in costume and came around to our room all day trick or treating, except the reverse, they offered candy and lots of it. Also hundreds of home-made pumpkin shaped sugar cookies given away all day today. It is very festive! Today Grandma and Grandpa Turner came to visit and as always, Daddy G arrived at 5 and stayed all eve. His arrival is her favorite part of the day. Allowed me a nice dinner at Little America with my folks. In talking with my friend, Shelley Cleveland, whose daughter also has cancer, the drug Sofie is on this week was a bad one for her. Thats why the docs dont say definitively how the drug will effect patients because it varies. Maybe its prayers but this methotrexate is being good to Sofie. Best day so far!! Love to you... Bonnie

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